Monday, October 15, 2012

Review: Salem`s Daughter vol.1

Salem`s Daughter vol. 1 
by Ralph Tedesco

The Book:
This is the first comic in a new series by the same name, Salem`s Daughter, written by Ralph Tedesco. And illustrated by Raven Gregory and David Leister. 
It was published in May 2011.
Followed by the sequel Salem`s Daughter vol.2: The Hunting, 1 year later.
While 3 comic is being expected in the end of 2012, as far as I could understand.

ISBN13: 9780982582602
176 pages

Read: October 2012
Language: English
Source: bought for myself :)

Summary: (from Goodreads)
Two hundred years after the Salem witch trials of 1692, which resulted in the hangings of 19 women and men, Anna Williams is living an uneventful life in Essex County, Massachusetts. But there is more to Anna than meets the eye as she begins to discover her unique abilities. Anna must choose one of two paths in order to follow her true calling and Braden Cole, a hardened gunslinger looking for redemption, may be the one man who can help her along the way. From the minds behind the hit series Grimm Fairy Tales, comes a new series unlike anything you've seen

My Opinion:
I was super excited about reading this comic.. Coz I am loving the drawings. I really enjoyed it aswell.
Really exciting story, where you just want to know what powers Anna got. And how this all will end.
And the drawings are really good. And it`s well written. Don`t have much more to say.. 

Other then I ended up giving ut 5 out of 6 stars

I like that this comic has a good story to it, and is more then just good drawings :) 

I already read vol. 2. And my review will soon be up ;)  

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Have you read this comic? Or anyone like it :)



  1. I will have to check into this for myself. Johnny is always bugging me to read graphic novels or comics since he reads so many of them. He always reads so many more boyish stories though so I'm always on the lookout for something a bit more girly to try.

    Thanks for the great review!

    1. You should definitly check it out :)
      And the drawing style is really good :)
      Johnny might like it aswell :)