Thursday, October 25, 2012

Read-a-thon: Day 3 and 4

 Day 3 (Wednesday 24. October)
Again. Not the best reading day. Coz I had to work an evening shift at the hotel.
But I finished one book ;) YaY 

Read: 50 pages in Mrs. B`s guide to Household Witchery
+ 13% in Image by Jamie Magee 

Finished: Mrs. B`s guide to Household Witchery   

Conclusion: I could have done better.. But it`s not that easy to focus, when your not a alone at home. Plus when your at work. You gotta work :/ Which I so didn`t feel like. Would rather been reading :P
 Not to forget, when I got home from work. We watched The Hunger Games movie. :) 
Love that movie :D Review soon to come ;)

Mini Challenge: Which book are you waiting for..  

My Answer: 
I need the 3 Revenant book, now.. Like right now..
But it`s not released untill May 2013. Can`t wait :D
Day 4 (Thursday 25. October) 
Hurray.. Today is my birthday.. And I am turning 24 :O
Time goes so fast, it`s crazy. 
Again I need to work.. So will probably not read that much today :( 
Coz when I get home we are going to watch a movie. Since it`s my birthday. 
And my boyfriend is going away for the weekend. 

Read: so far 30 pages in Mockingjay   
+ 25 pages in Forged by Greed

Mini Challenge:  If a book you loved, was turning into a movie.
                             Who would you pick as cast members.

My Answer: Wow.. This is a difficult one..
I must say I am totally blank.. So I will just share with you my result of, more or less the same challenge, when it was at Dewey`s read-a-thon
Yeah.. I know.. So lame.. But wathever.. Here is my blogpost

So how are your reading going so far?? Hopefully better then mine :P 


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