Saturday, October 13, 2012

Read-a-Thon: Hour 5-12

More updates from todays 24 hour read-a-thon


From 5 till 12 hour. In my time 18.00-02.00

Hour 5
First min off this hour we went for a walk in the forest :) 
Coz a puppy gotta pe when a puppy`s gotta pe :P
Now of to do some laundry and make some food :)

Mini challenge: over at Reflections of a Bookaholic
Turn to page 32 and fill in a sentence, in the embty area, of this sentence.
 "If only you knew _________, you'd run screaming into the night!"
My sentence:  "If only you knew she used witchcraft, you'd run screaming into the night!"

Hour 6
I started reading Salems Daughter vol. 2
And the food is in the owen.. I chose something easy instead :P Put it in. Let it be and *pooof* dinner :P Perfect read-a-thon food

Mini challenge: over at
- A blogger you’ve never come across before
 - A blogger whose  blog name has the word ‘book’ in it
- A blogger who lives in Europe
- A male blogger
- A blogger whose read-a-thon pile has more than 5 books

 My answers: 
B - Don`t take my books away (and actually haven`t heard of any of the books she is readin)
I - Heather @Capricious Reader (she was actually the first host for today)
N - Bøker og sånt (from Norway, like me)
G - tsuzian b
O - Estella`s Revenge (had like 17 books or something)

Well back to the book.
By the way I just burned my dinner :( Well.. not starting all over.. so I will eat it anyway :P
This hour I got about 90 pages read in Salems Daughter vol. 2

Hour 7 
I actually managed to finish Salems Daughter vol. 2 :) YaY second "book" read :P
And the Cat decided to join us. More or less :P
They chased each other a bit. and then I let him go outside, coz he was beginning to be let outside in the cold dark night :/ why.. I don`t get.. But what he wants is my command xD

My cat and dog.. Playing.. Taking through a box :P

Mini challenge: over at Book Drunkard
H unting
U nions
N ature
G ame
E volving
R umours

Hour 8 
Mini Challenge: over at I heart Moster: a bookish blog
Put down book and laptop. And go outside for 5 min. What did you do??
My answer: I have actually been out on 3 walks so far today :P Since I have a little puppy.
But just when I got in the door. I saw your mini challenge.
And I kind of just challenged myself.. Coz on our last walk. In the pitching darknes with a mini lamp.
I wanted to do an atempt of tiring my dog by runing up the hill xD
I was breathing lik h***. And she was running around me wanting more :/ well.. I did my best xD 

Hour 9 
I`ve been reading in Hunger Games 3, Mockinjay. So far I am about 60 pages into the book.
My eyes are getting tired. But I don`t want to give up quite yet.. Me need to read, read, read.
I changed the juice out with some soda :P
and been living on the unhealthy side, so far :/ but guess I am allowed.. Since it`s not a read-a-thon and saturday, everyday :P Or somethin.. :)

Hour 10 
Mini challenge: over at Nisaba be praised
What kind of bookmark to you use:
My answer:  Normally I have this super cute bookmark with magnetic.
But since I just moved. I just grabbed what I could find. Which was a random bookmark from a swag I once got :)

This is a picture looking a lot like the magnetic bookmark I normally use :)

Hour 11 
I read 1 more chapter in Mockingjay. + I ended up on Book Depository. where I bought myself two new comics :P
I took a break by watching the newest episode of New Girl, while eating crackers, cheese and grapes.
Yummi :)
My cat came home again.
And now it`s time for todays last puppy pee trip :P
And then we will head into bed. And read from there, till I fall asleep ;) 

Hour 12 
Laying in bed reading.. :) More updates tomorrow morning, when I am up for more reading :)
Though I need to go to bed. So I don`t ruin my babys sleeping time. (babies = my dog and cat :P)
Yeap I know.. I am a crazy animal person.. xD

Good luck everyone :) Keep reading :D

How are your reading doing?? :) 



  1. I always have trouble reading fast on readathon days! I am almost done with a book I started yesterday.

    1. Me too.. I get to distracted of participating on twitter etc :P so I forget to read xD

      Good luck :)

  2. Annoying when normal life like laundry gets in the way of reading isn't it. Stop getting distracted by twitter and get on with reading :-) Have a great readathon


  3. It sounds like you are making good progress and taking breaks when you need to. Happy Reading! #cheerSweetarts

  4. Calories don't count on readathon days ;)

    I hope your liking Mockingjay!

    Sorry you burnt your dinner :(

  5. I am such a crazy animal person myself. Enjoy your rest and enjoy the reading you get done in the a.m.