Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What I am reading this summer, 2013

Long time since I made a videoblog.. But I did it again :P

I was actually not that difficult choosing books this year. Coz I had so many great books, I never got to read last year.. So had a good bunch of books to choose between :P
And ended up with the best here :P I hope xD
Look forward to reading all of them.

Books I will be reading:


Divergent (Divergent #1)  by Veronica Roth
Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
Requim (Delirium #3) by Lauren Oliver
Spellbound (Hex Hall #3) by Rachel Hawkins
Julietby Anne Fortier
Slaget på Vigrid (Song for Eirabu #1) by Kristine Tofte (Norwegian)
While he was away by Karen Schreck
Moonglass by Jessie Kirby
Taken at Dusk (Shadow Falls #3) by C.C Hunter
Wake (Wake #1) by Amanda Hocking

Have you read any of these? What did you think??
What will you be reading this summer?


Hope you all will have an awesome summer..
I am hoping to get time for some blogging.. But with the travelling and moving, I don`t wanna promise anything.. But I will miss blogging. Definitly..

I can`t wait to be in USA, New York.. It will be amazing..
And I look forward to my trip to Spitsbergen aswell.. :) And to telling you guys about them.
Where are you going or planning to do this summer?? 

Wish you all well.. Enjoy you summer :P

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My travelling plans for 2013

I always have dreams and plans.. But not everything come true.. If all the trips I wanted to came true.. I would be away all the time xD haha
But these are the travelling plans. I already decided on this year :)

Earlier this year I have already been on two Denmark trips.
- Copenhagen, 3 nights (with the DFDS boat Oslo- Copenhagen + 1 night at Clarion Collection Hotel Neptun )
- Odense, 4 nights (at Hotel Windsor)

The big trip is now in May, where I am finally going to USA. Going to visit BEA in New York. Which is so insanely cool.. New York is what you see in the TV, and little me are going there :P
- New York, 9 nights (at Bibi`s Garden Bed & Breakfast)

Bibi`s Garden Bed & Breakfast (borrowed from homepage)

Then only few days after coming home from there. I am planning a new trip. Which is not final yet. But as good as final. Since my boyfriend works as chef on boat, I think I will visit him.
So in June, I might take a trip to Spitsbergen again.
Hopefully I will have better luck this time. I where there for 3 nights, last year. But then something went wrong with the boat, so we were stuck in Longyearbyen, while they fixed the problem..
So I can`t wait to get on the "cruise" trips and see some more of Spitsbergen.
- Spitsbergen, 3-4 nights (with Polargirl)

Polargirl, Longyearbyen,Spitsbergen - May 2012

In June I might go for a walking trip here in my home country, Norway.
My plan is to walk from home and to our cabin. :) Which is about 25 km or so..
And I am not the most fit person. So thinking of bringing a tent and make it a sleep over in the woods :) If I will not do this trip in June, I will probably do it in August or September..

Our own, cabinn in the woods :p ,Norway - March, 2013

In July I am thinking of going 14 days to Denmark again, Odense.
And yes your thinking.. Why so offten.. Well I lived there for 10 years :P So I got my family and friends there ;)
But I will try to share with you some tips for if your ever going there ;)

Oslo, 17 april 2013

In September I will go to Oslo again. To attend the book festival. But still haven`t decided if I will stay there.. Maybe just take it as a 1 day trip, like I did last year. :)

I don`t really have other trips planned.. And as you can see I am kinda fully booked.. In August I will start my studies.. And therefor have less money to travel for..
But I will never stop dreaming of travelling :P

And I hope I will be able to share some of my trips + dreams with you guys in the future :D

Do you have any awsome travelling plans this year??

Thursday, May 16, 2013

13 things in 2013

In the beginning of the year I got inspired by Nina, from Nina Reed.
And I made my own list of stuff I want to accomplish during this year :)
Though I am pretty late about posting it her on the blog. So there are som changes on the way.. Which you can read about in the different sections :) I made the main list in January, as a new year goal :D


1. Walking / Camping vacation
I haven't been on a camping trip for ages and I miss it. I always wanted to be an outdoor person. A real nature geek. :p so this summer I want to play nature geek.
Talked to a friend about an upcoming trip.
We will walk all the way to our cabinn in the woods. Which is a walk up and down on more then 26 km. So we will bring a tent and sleep a night or two in the woods on our way :)
Will be the perfect trip for our dogs. Them will absolutly love, running around.
Then when we reach our old cabinn, which is in the middle of a wood, with no water or electricty. Just like in the old days :p
We will stay there a day or two. Just relaxing. Reading, fishing etc...
Totally chillen. :p

2. New York, BEA
This is in my head all the time. I am so excited about going to USA. It's just unbelivable I am going. Which I know I will. Coz flight ticket and "hotel" is already booked :) and BEA (Book Expo America) ticket is already bought. :D YaY
Can't believe it. I was going to travel alone, but now my best friend will join me. And I am so thankfull. It will make it much much better. We already planned a lot we need to see and do.
But more about that later on the blog ;)

3. Afrika again
One of my biggest thing this year was that I was going to South Africa again. And everything was planned. But unfortunatly lately I had to cancel :( makes me so so sad :(
The course I was going to attend got cancelled and I made a decision to stay home and rattet go another time, when I can afford to be there for a longer time. Since I was going to volunteer at Knysna Elephant Park. And I feel I need at least one month for that.
Though I am still dreaming and If I find out I can afford a little trip at one point I will not hesitate to go :p
I love Africa and I so miss being down there :(
And hopefully in a couple of years I have saved enough to volunteer at Knysna.
Coz working with elephants is my biggest dream ever :D

4. Start studying again Hopefully, It`s now it`s happening. I applyed for starting school again this summer.
I applyed for a study called Ecology and Natur ressaurces. Which is a bachelor degree, on 3 years.
Which sounds super interesting. I miss going to school and learn new things.
So hope to get into this :D
Specially since I already quite my job and stopped the contract of my appartment :P haha
My normal plans, since I was a kid, has always been to study Zoology/Biology on the University.
But I am missing one lesson to have what it takes + I can`t really afford to move to one of the big cities.
So therefor I chose the Ecology and Nature study. Sounds like they have some of the same things going on :P
Anyways.. Cross your fingers everyone.. I wanna go to school xD


5. Draw a drawing, and be happy about it
I loved drawing before and I miss it. Though normally I end up ditching the drawing, cause I am not happy about it. Last time I was really happy about a drawing, is the drawing above. I made it back in 2008. So that`s quite awhile ago :P
Or I actually drew one thing after the "princess drawing". My drawing of how I wanted my tattoo to look like. But that is pretty much it. And therefor I need to draw more. So I can practice and get better. Most of all cause I want one more tattoo. And I wanna design it myself :P

6. Make Scrapbook picture from my Africa trip
I own an insane amount of Scrapbooking stuff. And I never get to use it :(
So one of my goals are to make a collage/picture from my Africa trip. Which I can put in a frame and hang on the wall :D
Coz I have so much cool pictures, brochures, postcards etc. from the trip.
Just laying around waiting for me to get creative again.
So many good memories :D
What better way to show it off ;)

7. Pearl a picture
I am not sure pearl is the right english word. But you know the once you use as a kid to make pictures. By putting them on plates, forming pictures. No idee if you know what I am blabbering about. But I`ll continue anyways ;)
I have this set bought in a Hobby store. Where you print out a picture and then you make it out of pearls. Really cool. But still haven`t tried it and I got it back in 2011, as a christmas gift. So probably time to check it out :D

8. Adopt an Elephant
Last year I found this page were you can donate and help small orphan elephants.
And I love elephants. And wish I could help them all. Unfortunatly I can`t :(
But one of my goals this year is to adopt 1 or 2 elephants in that "park".
Since they do such a good job watching out for them :)
I got to know about it from a DVD I bought in Africa, called Elephant Diaries.

9. Learn how to shoot with bow and arrow 
haha Yes...  This one was quite spontanius :P But I saw THE DRESS, the other day. Killer dress I need to own. And the model was standing with a bow and arrow.
And I thought at once. I wanna be here :P I need to learn how to shoot with it, coz that would be totally bad ass :P
So hopefully it`s possible to learn yourself.
First off I need to buy a set. Which is not cheap :/ by the way.. But I will do it.. When I can afford and have the time :P

10. Clean and sort out my boxes
OMG... I got so much stuff.. After several times of moving I have boxes I haven`t even unpacked. Some boxes even from I was a teenage girl, who couldn`t fit the things in my little room.
So now is the time to sort out everything and sell or giveaway the stuff I no longer need.
And hopefully digg out some old treasures, I have been missing :P

11. Bake cupcakes or macaraones
haha I am seriously not a kitchen person. And Halleluja for living with a cook :P It`s perfect.
But what most people doesn`t know, is I have always been dreaming about being the perfect housewife. Cleaning, cooking, gardening, sewing, reading, baking etc.. The whole packet.
So during 2013 I will dry baking.. And belive it or not.. But this goal I actually already completed :P
Coz I baked my first Macarones in February I think it was.. And they were OK.
Or some of theme.. Some of theme I just had to throw out. and nothing went as planned. But I did it ;) and hopefully practice makes me better. So probably try it later again. When I have up built my stamina for it :P hihi

12. Finish my stitching
When my sister got pregnant. I decided to start a embroidery, for my nephew. A picture of a baby and his name and birth date. Unfortunatly, now 2,5 years later. I still haven`t finished it :/
So I really wanna finish it. So I can get started om something new xD haha
I love stitching. It`s so relaxing. But unfortunatly I don`t really sit down and take my them when I should. Hopefully that will change ;)

13. Start jogging
My normal nr. 13 was to start taking my driving license. But in newer time I found out I will start that in 2014. Therefor I changed it. I will start jogging. I have a little dog who loves running. And I am not the training type of person. But I found a great schedule in a magazine. 16 weeks for training how to become a runner. You start out walking 6 min and jogging 1 min etc..
Sound like something I would be able to. So I will try it. For my dog :)
So I can start running with here one day and hopefully get a better health :)


I got so much I wanna do this year.. And now after 5 months gone already.. I can say.. That it`s just now possible to make it all.. So that`s why I made these 13 things. Which is still a realistic goal :)
And next year there will be new goals ;)

Do you have any big dreams/goals this year?
Have any of them come true yet?