Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

I must just say.. I am so so glad I listened to everyone, about this book.
Everyone has been praising it to the skyes.. And I will not end it ;) haha
I felt like the only person on blogworld who haden`t read this book. So
I did it.. I actually did it.. I went on and bought it and picked it up.. And am I greatfull.. Ohh yes..
I had hugh expectations for this book. I was so ready to get disapointed.
But luckily I wasen`t.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is the authors debut novel, whish was released in 2011.
Even though Michelle Hodkin has written a thick book, on about 450 pages, you are not bored.
She captured me in her writting, so even though it was a big book, I finished it in under a week.
I just had to read one more chapters. Which made it easy, since the chapters is such a nice size. Short. Not to long and not to short.. They were just perfect :P In my opinion.
I was not a big fan of main character, but I could still feel her frustration. When she could not figure out if things were real or not.
This book plays tricks with you. Coz sometimes she is dreaming and sometimes it`s real and not even the character knows whats going on.. So that`s what I liked about the book..
You were left thinking.. SAY WHAT..
And then the next moment you might be caught laughing out loud :P

Yup. You guessed it.. This book is getting on my favourite list.
And I have given it 6 out of 6 stars

I have already ordered book 2 ;) The Evolution of Mara Dyer. And I can`t wait to pick it up..
Hopefully it will arrive before my Easter break.. So I have something to read on the trip :P
I need more Noah.. I am totally in love with him.. Even though, yeah.. I have splits opinion on him.. Could talk about that forever xD haha
And I wanna see more to Jamie :P So hopefully there will be more of him in the sequel..
I loved that I nevere for saw what would come.. And hopefully the sequel is just as good :)

- Add or read about on Goodreads
- Authors homepage 

Have you read this book?  What did you think??

If your curious about it.. You should check out Alexa from Pages of Forbidden Love, she mad a videoblog review of the book. And she is one of the amazing bloggers who made me wanna read this book :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New hair style

I was going to ask you guys which hair colour I should choose to get.
Since I wanted something who looked a bit more fresh :P
Than my usually greyish hair xD

I had several colours before: brown, mahogny, black, light :) I tried it ;)
And I like both dark and light.. So it was difficult to choose.
I kind of wanted orange hair.. Which I think is super awesome.. But at the same time, my face us just to red. To have orange hair next to it :( Buhuu..

So I thought practical.. My hair was already a bit light, coz of the lightening spray I have been trying out lately.. And I don`t wanna colour my hair.. Coz it grows out extremly fast.. So I whould have to colour it again in 3 weeks or so.. So I decided on staying like I am and put in some light stripes.. Just to give it some life :P
And summer is on it`s way anyway.. And that will make it even lighter ;)
Wuhuu.. for the sun.. So it would kind of be wast of money, making it dark, right before the summer is coming..
I am happy with the result..
And already dreaming of what my next hair colour should be xD

What do you think?? 

Which colour should I pick next :P And nope.. I am not doing green ;)
Do you think I would be able to pull of orange hair :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013


My vacationplans became a bit different then expected.
I was planning on sorting and cleaning my appartment and stuff.
But it all ended up in relaxing and TV watching :P
Which I do best xD


So far my 10 days vacation has been like this:
3 days where we visited my boyfriends family- :)
100%  relaxation infront of TV, with my boyfriend.
Before he had to leave for work again.. So 5 weeks.. then he will come home again.

Afterwards 4 days alone at home..
Where I have been walking in the woods. And an extreme amount of TV watching..
Gossip Girl 4 the Win.. haha I am at season 5 now.. Wuhuu..
Now I am so far in the season that there are all new episodes, I have never seen before..

Yesterday and today my cousine was visiting :D Where it again was a lot of Gossip Girl..
Food, snacks etc.. So nice :D 

Do you have a favourite character in Gossip Girl?
I can`t really find one person that I liked through the whole story.
Though maybe Nate :)
Everyone else annoyse me haha 

The 3 next days I will be going on a Cabinn trip with a friend. And both our dogs :)
Will be so relaxing in the woods.. No internet, no elictricity..
We will make a fire.. and play boardgames :P and read a book.. And the dogs can run around and play all day :)

So as you can see.. My plans did not go as planned.. But I am still loving my vacation.. And all the other stuff.. I can do later ;) 

I just needed a break.. from everything.. and not think of everything.. 

Do you ever have periodes like that. Where you do "nothing"?
And what "do you do, when doing nothing"??