Monday, October 22, 2012

22 on 22 read-a-thon

I decided to join one more read-a-thon. First I thought it was only for one day. But YaY.. It`s for a whole week.. Even better.. And you know what. It gets better. Coz I am only working 2 days this week.. Jackpot.. So hopefully I will get some reading done :D

But everything is not pretty and perfect butterflies.. Coz even though I have the days of I also need to do some other stuffs. Coz I just started studying math. So I need to do some math and some normal day stuffs.. So it will not be all read and fun..
Then my boyfriend would probably die of bordom :P Watching me reading all day and night :P haha
But I will enjoy a week with as much reading as possible.
Look forward to see how everyone elses week of reading will go.. :)

And again Congratulations to Bianca.. On your 22nd Birthday :D
And awesome thanks to Alexa for comming up with this idea :)
Both from Pages of Forbidden Love. Which is like my favourite blog ;) So everyone should head over and tjeck it out :D
Like now.. Right now... NOW :)

What I will be reading!
Well.. I was thinking of making a videoblog. But today ended up in a totally chill day on the couch with my boyfriend watching Futurama and Supernatural. And tons of those episode :P
So instead I will tell you which books I plan on reading this week. And then I will make a vlog in the end of the read-a-thon instead :)

- Finish Mrs. B`s guide to houshold Witchery
- Read Forged by Greed
- Finish Image
- Finish Mockingjay
- Read Vampire Academy

And probably will not finish half of these :P But I can dream.. It`s one week.. So I hope :D
There will be update post during the read-a-thon.
You should join too ;)


  1. Hooray for days off! I hope you enjoy all of your bookish goodness time. ^.^ Oh, and new follower (Frodosco - GFC & @1FantasyFanatic - Twitter). :)
    If you want to check my post out you can do so here. ^.^

  2. Yay for Vampire Academy being on your list as well! I hope we both get a chance to read it this week in honor of it being Bianca's favorite series :)

    Thanks so much for joining and saying all those lovely things about Pages of Forbidden Love being your favorite blog. I love visiting your blog as well, one of my top favs. :)

    1. It`s just the truth ;)
      So your welcome :D

      Thought it was a good way to get to read Vampire Academy, since I still haven`t gotten to it. And you mentioned it was Bianca`s fav. :)

  3. Thank you :) Yay for only working two days but yes although you get the day off other things in life still demand your attention. Hope you still get what you want read and that you enjoy yourself. Thank you for joining us this week.

    1. Thanks :)

      Yeah.. life goes on aswell :P hehe
      But probably read more then I normally would get to :)

  4. Ah, nice list of books there. Good luck.