Sunday, October 28, 2012

Read-a-thon: Day 5, 6 and 7

Day 5 (Friday 26. October)
Today I went to my dads place :) For a weekend of. :)Haven`t been there since I moved into the new appartment. Before that I was there more or less, at least once a week. 
So it was nice being back there :D  So I didn`t get that much reading done. Coz I ended up talking to my dad instead :) + We were at my uncles place eating Taco with him and his buddy`s. :)

Read: 55 pages in Forged by Greed 
+ 149 pages in The Jungle Book 

Finished: Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: The Jungle Book 

Conclusion: Could have been better.. But had a great day with my dad :) 
And then just before falling asleep I finished a comic :P YaY

Day 6 (Saturday 27. October)
What a day.. Sat infrot of computer most of the day :( Buhuu..
But mostly to do math stuff.. Which sucks.. Since I was so wanted to read, but I had to do it.. 

Read: 35 pages of math study (which doesn`t really count :P) 
+ 100 pages in Grimm Fairy Tales vol. 1

Conclusion: Math sucks when your doing a read-a-thon xD

Day 7 (Sunday 28. October)
To day was a do nothing day xD So freaking cold outside.. It was insane.. So the little I got read was because.. After taking the dog out.. We hurried inside again and into bed again.. Which is the only warm place a sunday :P So we stayed in bed and read.. And then later my dad drow us home.. 
Then there were some of all the boring home stuff.. Laundry, dishes etc.. 

Read: 67 pages of Grimm Fairy Tales vol. 1
+ 50 pages in Forged by Greed so far 

Finished: Grimm Fairy Tales vol. 1 

Conclusion: I haven`t quite yet.. I am still reading.. Till my eyes shut down..
But first I needed some break with Glee.. 
And then I will continue with Forged by Greed, when I am heading to bed :)

How are you reading going??


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