Sunday, October 14, 2012

Read-a-Thon Hour 13-24

More updates from todays 24 hour read-a-thon

From 13 till 24 hour. In my time 02.00-14.00
Hour 13
I unfortunatly had to go to bed. But I continued to read a little bit in Mockingjay. Every second untill my eyes closed and said good night.

Hour 14-20
I was sleeping like a baby :P 
My boyfriends place in the bed was not embty, coz both the cat and dog joined me :P 

Hour 21
We woke up. First thing I did was find my book to start to read.
But because of the light puppy Selma, woke up aswell. And awake puppy=puppy gotta pee. 
So we had to go for a little walk. Then I gave her some food and starting preparing something for myself. And now I am going to start reading my 3 comic Fables: Legends in Exile 
Hour 22 
I ended up watching 2 episodes of 
And I also read about 50 pages in Fables: Legends in Exile.
+ I got to eat my breakfast. Drank chocolat milk and ate bread with chocolat thingy on :P
Me love chocolat <3 If you hadn`t noticed :P

Hour 23 
Still reading in Fables: Legends in Exile :) 
Hope to finish it :)

Mini challenge: over at Reading through life
Choose one of the books you have read. If it where turned into a movie. You should play in it.
My answer: I think Julia Roberts would be perfect to play Snowwhite, in Fabler: Legends in Exile.
I could totally see her strict with black hair. As Snowwhite has in this comic :)
And hir sister Rosered could be played by Amy Adams.

Julia Robert as SnowWhite
Amy Adams as her little sister RoseRed

Hour 24 
I just kept reading Fables: Living in Exile. And actually finished it up, 5 min. before the read-a-thon ending :) So YaY 3 comics finished.
And I went from 5 books behind on Goodreads, to only 2 books behind. During this read-a-thon.

I know I am a slow reader. But I get distracted.. And every 15 min, I had to play with my puppy :P

How have you been.. Have you been able to read all hours?? 


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