Saturday, April 30, 2011

Re-reading Summer

I have made myself some goals this summer. Since I have a lot of series I wanna re-read. I have now dedicated my whole summer to re-reading. More or less.
So during June, July and August I will focus on some of the books I have already read before and loved :P
Though I don´t really have summer vacation I don´t know how much I will be able to read, but I am really going to do my best to get to read all of these books :P Hugh goals this year :P

All of the Harry Potter books in English - Written by J.K Rowling
- Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
- Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber
- Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
- Harry Potter and the Order of Phonix
- Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince
- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow

maybe also these small extra books: (which I haven´t read before)
- The Tales of Beedle and Bard
- Fantastic beasts and where to find them
- Quidditch through the ages

All the books in Black Dagger Brotherhood series in Norwegian - Written by J.R Ward
- Dark Lover
- Lover Eternal
- Lover Awakened
- Lover Revealed
- Lover Unbound
- Lover Enshrined
- Lover Avenged (never read before)
- Lover Mine (never read before)
And the 9th book aren´t out in Norwegian yet. So that one I am waiting to read, later on.

His Dark Materials trilogy in Norwegian - Written by Philip Pullman
- The Golden Compass
- The Subtle Knife
- The Amber Spyglass

The Twilight saga in English - Written by Stephenie Meyer
- Twilight
- New Moon
- Eclipse
- Breaking Dawn
- The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

More or less as you can see I have read all of them before. And ofcourse loved them :P Since I wanna read them again.
I will do my best to read them all. But probably won´t get the time. But I will at least try :P

So please help me out by choosing which series to read first. By voting in my new poll. Which I will be putting up tomorrow :) When the old one has finished :D

Have you read any of these books? ( I hope so :P For your sake :P) What did you think? Which are your favourite?
Wanna join me in a re-reading summer. Then what would you wanna re-read?
And If you got any good suggestions to other series I can begin reading. Feel free to share it :D Always looking for good ideas, there are so many amazing books out there ;)

Do you have any special reading plans for your summer? I would love to know :D



  1. Great idea, I love re-reads! I read Harry Potter 1-6 (yes, until a few days ago I didn't want to order a copy of Harry Potter 7, don't ask me why, I DON'T KNOW...)
    Loved the Twilight series, and I think I've read Twilight 8 times (so no re-read this year:D).

    Think I'm going to re-read Harry Potter,too and The Mortal Instruments.

  2. well i always wanted to read harry potter series in english before i watch the movies but i didn't have time, always some other more important books were waiting for me...I've watched all of the movies now but still want to read them or actually now i want to read them even more but at the moment i should read something in norwegian so i would not waste my free time on unnecessary things! always something;)) But Wojtek is reading all of the series right now, so at least one uf us is;)))
    good luck with the summer plan!:)

  3. I think I'll focus on reading the HP series as well as the BDB series! I haven't started them yet. But hopefully, I'll do what I've got to do! Good luck on your goals and plans! I'm sure you'll get through at least half of them if not all. :D Also, I think you should start with the BDB series! <333