Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Which book to read next?

I now got a lot of fantastic books. And can´t really make up my mind for which one to pick up first.
So I would like to get your help. Please tell me which one of the bellow you liked the most or would mostly read a review of :)

So I can pick one of them up. Because I just can´t choose one myself :P
So help :D
I am going to read all of them anyway. But which one is the most awesome of awesomeness :P



  1. okay i think you should read Paranormalcy!! I keep hearing about how awesome Evie is and she owns a pink taser and she kicks butt!

    that's my suggestion!

  2. Thanks for your suggestion :)
    I also heard so much awesome about Paranormalcy and Evie :P

  3. Ahh! I think you should go with Hush Hush! Seriously you will die for Patch! :) And my second pick is Shiver! I cried in that one!

    Out of all the books you have, I've read those two! So there you go! But seriously, forget what everyone says and just read Hush Hush! *___*