Sunday, May 1, 2011

New blog design

If you haven´t noticed. I got a new blog layout design.. YaY me.. Or rather YaY Naj. Who is awesome :D

Naj from

Made me this awesome design. Based from my wishes. I sent hear a picture of one of my drawings, which I used as button before. And a picture of my tattoo and my profil picture. And out came this awesome result. Which really show what I like :P

So a lot of thanks to you Naj. You are so amazingly good at what your doing :)
People you should head over and check out her Designer webpage.
And if you´d like you can also visit her bookblog:

Grab my button! ♥

Thanks again.! I really love it :)



  1. Awwwwwwwwh! Thank you so much for this my dear! It means a lot! <33 I really enjoyed working on your layout especially your header! I did a lot of painting on that one. :D I'll have a screenshot of your blog on my design blog if thats okay with you. It'll be part of my portfolio. *huuuugs*

  2. That looks great .. I would like to change my blog design too .. =)!! I love yours !