Thursday, April 21, 2011

Question? Bookdepresion

I just found **Paranormally Romanced** Just wondering wednesday meme. And think it was a pretty good idea :) So her is this weeks question:

So I was wondering what's the last book that has left you in a book depression?

I have to say Evermore by Alyson Nöel. I am so sorry. Most other people loved this series. And I was just super excited about it. And since everyone else loved it. I bought the 4 first books of the series. I read the first one and was like. What!, was that it. And more than once, actually many times while I read it I was like. Should I just stop, hell now it has to be better since everyone else loves it. But fortunately this was just not the book for me. So now I got the rest of the series. Praying they get better, but just let me say. They are not really jumping first in line of my TBR list. Thats for sure..

What´s your book depression? Go over and add your link to Melissas mr.Linky. And feel free to share your opinion in a comment :)



  1. thanks so much for particpating!!!
    I love your choice this was the first book that gave me a book depression. I felt so cheated and this book made me not want to read in fear other books were as bad! I am positive the books don't get better and the author just strings you along until you can't take it anymore... so i don't recommend you reading the next 3 books I suggest return them or do a giveaway!

    I know you are a VA fan like me... I think you should read Angelfire: courtney Allison Moulton its so good and she's real kick ass heroine that can take care of herself and there's a swoon worthy man that's super yummy!

    thanks again for participating!

  2. I didn't like Evermore either .. I couldn't get in the story and I found the characters quite annoying =( .. which is too bad since like you say everyone loves this series ..