Monday, February 7, 2011

Update: letter from AZ Challenge

When I entered AZ Challenge I got a little letter in the mailbox :P With some cards.
Bookmarks / commercials / visit cards

On them there were some links I would like to share with you guys :)

1) I got a sticker from The Body Finder.
I haven´t read the book myself. And don´t really know what it´s about. But I have seen some pretty good ratings of the book :) So you should probably check it out :)

2) Stephanie Sanders visit card. She is the person behind the whole AZ reading Challenge ;) So you should check out her blog: The Thoughts of a Book Junky!
Or follow her on Twitter or Goodreads :)

3) Emma Michaels visit card. A young debut author. You should check out her Blog or Goodreads profil :) And also check out her book: The Thirteenth Chime

4) Anastasia Hopcus bookmark. A young debut author. Check out her book: Shadow Hills. I sure am going to :P You could also check out her homepage or Goodreads profil :)

5) The last thing I got was a bookmark for Jen Nadol´s debut book The Mark.
You should check out her homepage or her Goodreads profil. The book looks amazing :P I have to look closer on it. :P

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