Monday, February 28, 2011

Update: I am busy

Hi guys..

Just wanna let you know why I am not here as much as before..
I haven´t had the time, since I work a lot a lot.. On my new work. And when I finally has free I am at my dad´s place. Which makes it difficult, since some of my books are at my dads place and others at my own place.
And I have many of them still in boxes.

But soon that will change. Though I haven´t had time to it now. Since there have just been an vacation.. And my family from Denmark has been here to visit me. And I haven´t seen them since Christmas.. And the next time I will see them is in April. So that´s really weird, since I am used to see them like all the time.
Well. Thats why I haven´t been blogging lately, and the recent I will be a little gone in the future. Is that I am now an aunt. And I am cross stitching a picture for my nephew. Which I am giving him a a gift in april. But I am far from finished. And everybody keeps saying I will not make it. So I have to prove them wrong. and really take a grip and stitch as a maniac. And that has to mean I need to sacrifice my reading. So that´s why I am not that much updated.. But I will come back soon.
Probably sooner then later since I am hooked at the blogging world..xD
Wish you all great reading times. And hope that you will return to my blogg, when I return ;)


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  1. Awwwh! Thats great that you're an Aunt now! The cross stitch looks awesome already! I'm sure you'll make it! :D Prove them wrong! Good luck with it! Don't worry! We'll still be around when you get back! :D