Sunday, February 13, 2011

Review: Sweep 1 by Cate Tiernan

Sweep - The Book of Shadows

by Cate Tiernan

About the book:
This is the first book of a series called Sweep written by Cate Tiernan. And there are 15 books at all. Right now they are getting published again, where there are 3 books put into one.

The other books are called:
2. The Coven
3. Blood Witch
4. Dark Magick
5. Awakening

6. Spellbound
7. The Calling
8. Changeling
9. Strife
10. Seeker
11. Origins
12. Eclipse
13. Reckoning
14. Full Circle
15. Night´s Child

ISBN13: 9780142409862
176 pages

Read: February 2011
Language: English

From Goodreads:

Morgan thinks witchcraft is laughable when her best friend Bree drags her to a meeting of the Cirrus Coven. But during a ceremony led by Cal, Morgan's long-time crush, Morgan feels a shock. Suddenly everything looks brighter, clearer. Morgan doesn't want to get involved with witchcraft-but she feels like witchcraft is choosing her.

The Story:
This book is about Morgans daily life. A new boy starts to go on her school. He is mystic and nice to everyone. They become friends and he introduces her to Wicca. A religion for witches.
But this creates some problems for Morgan, since her family is very religious, christians (I think it was). So how does she find a solution to the problem. When she feels that she has a special call for Wicca.
Other then her new identity creation in religion, there are also other teenage related issues in this story. As frindproblems, jalousi, boyfriends etc. Which we all kn

ow from the real life.

My Opinion and Conclusion:
This book disappointed me a bit. Since nothing really happened. Other then you followed her daily life. And that just wasn´t good enough for me. But if your just looking for some entertainment and to live as someone else for a little while, you would probably like this book.

Though this book soothes someone a little younger then me :P Since the main character is only 13 years.

But all in all I have decided to give it only 2 stars out of 6. Since I didn´t get that much out of it myself.

Though I have seen a lot of great reviews on goodreads an other blogs. So this was probably not the book for me. But for someone else :P

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  1. I wonder if I would like this book. O.O Probably not. Theres not much going on in it for me to like it. :D Great honest review though.

  2. Now probably not xD

    I think a person who have the same issue. By telling their family about Wicca etc. Might enjoy it a little. Since they might be able to see some of it. That´s the only thing I could really relate to in the story. But other wise not much is happening.. And the over exaggerate the Wicca thing a little, so it´s not that normal again.. If you understand what I mean :P Difficult to explain..