Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review: Gifted 1 by Marilyn Kaye

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
by Marilyn Kaye

About the book:
This is the first book in a series called Gifted written by Marilyn Kaye. There are about 6 books in the series and they are called:
2. Better late than never
3. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

4. Finders Keepers
5. Now you see me
6. Speak no evil

ISBN13: 9780753416495
222 sider

Read: January 2011
Language: English

From Goodreads:
Thirteen year old Queen-of-mean Amanda Beeson, wakes up one morning in the wrong body. She's become lonely, unfashionable Tracey Devon - one of Amanda's targets for bullying. Amanda discovers that Tracey, ignored at home and at school, has the ability to turn invisible. Amanda sets out to rescue her one-time victim from obscurity - as well as rescuing herself from Tracey's life!

The Story:

Amanda is the most popular girl at the school. And mean to everyone, never saying anything kind to anyone. What other people those not know is that she isn´t kind to anyone, because if she gets sympathy for another person, she can change into them.

One day Amanda wakes up, but she is no longer Amanda. She is now the school geek called Tracy. But the problem is that Amanda doesn´t know how to become herself again. And therefor has to live Tracy´s life as good as possible, without anyone noticing the truth.
But it´s really difficult for her, since Tracy and Amanda are so different, like day and night.
But as she gets to know the truth about Tracy she gets more and more interesting in this other girl. Which obviously is not a normal girl. But what are Tracy? And what are Amanda?

Can Amanda find a solution to the mystery by her self or can she get some help, without getting reviled as Amanda.

My Opinion:
Awesome book which caught my eye from the first to the last page :) The book is not that tick and I liked it. Because the got so much in on so few pages :) It was really a treat to read.

And even though the main character is about 13 years old. I still loved the book and was suck into the story. The whole time :)

My Conclusion:
I will give this book 6 stars out of 6. Easy short and interesting the whole time. Because you keep on reading to find out whats up with Tracy and if Amanda ever get caught.

And I think this book is a good book for girls in the age of 10 to 15 :)
And I know I am going to read the rest of the series. The sequel is already been ordered :P

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  1. Oooh! Great Review! It must be really good for you to rate it 6 stars! :D I shall add this to my TBR Pile! Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the Review.

  2. I thought this one was wuite good, but not really my cup of tea :)
    Great review though!
    Can't wait to see your thoughts on the rest of the series, I might just pick the rest of them up depending on what you think of them :D

  3. Selfcentered: Good idea ;) I think it was pretty good yeah :) And as you can see I just got book 2 :D So looking forward to read it :P

    Liddy: Thanks :) My next review will probably come soon. Since I really want to get to the next book :D