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Review: Witness by Jamie Magee

Witness by Jamie Magee

The Book: 
Witness is the second book in the See series written by author Jamie Magee. Also known for her first series Insight. 
So if you haven´t read See yet, you need to do that first, before reading this one :) You can read my review of See here.
And I highly recommend to check out Insight aswell, since the writing style is similar and both stories are great.

Witness will be released 19th July.
about 312 pages

Read: July 2012
Language: English
Source: eARC because of Blog Tour :) Big thanks for letting me join :)

Forgetting who you are is hard, but not as hard as remembering. Remembering that you have no idea how to face your demons, how to save the lost.
Charlie is at a sacred threshold.The ‘glass box’, as she calls it, is slowly falling. Her childhood has ended. The moment she has yearned for, the moment where she can go and do anything, anything at all without seeking permission is now. She’d dreamed of this time, all of her friends had, but now that it’s here, she doesn't know which way to run, or if she should even run at all.
Charlie knew that running would be a goodbye forever, and she didn’t want that, she wanted to freeze the time she was in, to stay in the calm before the storm, the illusion that she could out wit the ones who seek her, hold the one she loves, and play the music that gives her passion. She’ll soon discover no one can hide from their fate, that time does not stop in place, and that whether she chooses to perceive it or not, the darkness has come.
What Charlie feared most, losing him, is a threat now more than ever. A realm, a dark and twisted dream world has called him, and now she must fight to save him, and others like him. Standing in her way is a soul from another life, a boy that promises that he will destroy her world, to save her life. With this threat in hand, with the dark path that her friends are on, Charlie must fight to find a way to leave, to trust that beyond her dimension there are souls that can help her, help all of them. The only question is, will she find them before it's to late, and if she can't, how is she going to use her gift, the gifts they all share to save them.

My Opinion:
I absolutly adore Jamie´s writing style. And this book was no exception. I liked it just as much as the others.
So without adoubt I give it 5 out of 6 stars

 I can´t wait to read more of her books. Cause I attend to live myself so much in to her stories. And care of the characters. Specially the guys :P and there are several of them.

Her writing is full of love and magic. The story full of mystery and spirit :)
I am just speachless and hungry for more :) 

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Are you planning on read any of her books? Or have you already?? What did you think :)


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