Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Problems and Flowers in Wonderland

Hi  Guys..  I am so so sorry for me not blogging very much.
But I have been so busy latly. Time is flying away.
Boyfriends been home on vacation :) YaY
Family from Denmark has been visiting :D

And now I am getting a dog.
Going to get her tomorrow. So I am super excited about that :)
She is going to live at my dads place.

This is little Selma. Soon to be mine :)
And yeah.. I will be gone for a while. Coz I am going to visit boyfriend.
In Svalbard :) 

So as you can hear, am I super busy..
But I will be back. Just need to get everything under control ;) 

So as you can see everything is awesome..
But as the title says.. There are problems in Wonderland.
My tablet Galaxy started working :(
Makes me so so sad, coz all my ebooks and eARCs I got on it for reading..
Depressing :(
Hope to get it to work when I get back home. Coz I need it to work.

But we need to enjoy what we want.
And even though it went fast, I had an amazing summer with wonderful people :)

What have you been doing this summer? 
Please share with me :D


  1. Aw your new puppy is so cute! I'm glad you are getting to spend some time with your boyfriend! I hope you had a great summer and enjoy the little bit of it that is left.

  2. Prøver en gang til etter å ha forandret noen instillinger..:)