Monday, July 9, 2012

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

I decided to join Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

I know my last read-a-thon went extremly bad :( 
But then I had to work.
And now I have free some days, so hopefully I will get more reading done :D 

I plan on reading: 
Finish Witness by Jamie Magee
Finish Fiji Kitsune by Kristine Gustavsen (norwegian book)
Cinderella by Chris Roberson 
The Earl and the Fairy by Mizue and Ayako Tami

Monday 9th
Pages read: 30+5
Books read: Witness + Cinderella
Books finished: None
Pages read total so far: about 35 pages
Comment: Was working.. So didn´t get that much reading done :(

Thuesday 10th
Pages read: 70
Books read: Cinderella
Books finished: just wait and see ;)
Pages read total so far: 105, but more to come ;)
Comment: Was at the hairdresser, and read a whole magazine. But doesn´t really count :( But planning on read a bit tonight ;)

Wedensday 11th
Pages read:
Books read:
Books finished:
Pages read total: 

Are you joining?? And what are you planning to read :) 


  1. Good luck! I'm trying to tackle my last few library books plus a book of scripts from The Ricky Gervais Show, which never fails to make me laugh. One day down and I'm not doing that well so far... Roll on tomorrow! :(

  2. Oh you have to tell me how you liked The Earl and the Fairy because I really want to read that manga but I haven't heard anything about it. Please please let me know once you read it I will be eternally grateful.

    Happy reading!