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Review: Torn by Amanda Hocking

Torn by Amanda Hocking

The Book:
Torn is the second book in the Trylle trilogy written by Amanda Hocking.
She started out by self publishing but the sale boomed, and she is known for her well sold self publishing books.
The first book in this series was called Switched, which you need to read first, to be able to understand what is going on in this one. While the third book is called Ascend. All books have been re-published in 2012 in paperback :)
She has also written other series, like The Hollows with zombies and Watersong with mermaids.

About 356 pages
ISBN 9781250006325

Read: March 2012
Language: English
Source: Bought for myself

Summary: (from Goodreads)
 When Wendy Everly first discovers the truth about herself—that she’s a changeling switched at birth—she knows her life will never be the same. Now she’s about to learn that there’s more to the story…

She shares a closer connection to her Vittra rivals than she ever imagined—and they’ll stop at nothing to lure her to their side. With the threat of war looming, her only hope of saving the Trylle is to master her magical powers—and marry an equally powerful royal. But that means walking away from Finn, her handsome bodyguard who’s strictly off limits…and Loki, a Vittra prince with whom she shares a growing attraction.

Torn between her heart and her people, between love and duty, Wendy must decide her fate. If she makes the wrong choice, she could lose everything, and everybody, she’s ever wanted…in both worlds.

My Opinion:
Wow.. I just love this series.. Or I love the guys :P
There are just so many wonderful guys in this series..
Finn, Matt, Rhys and Tove. And now in this sequel we meet two more Duncan and Loki.. Yeas.. Several cute boys. Can´t be better :P Oh yeas it can.. This story is full of Drama, action and mystery aswell. And loads of romance connections :) YaY That´s what we like in a story.
Not much more to say about this. Other then I can´t wait to get my hands in the third book. I need to know how this will end. Right now everything can happen. Which guys will she choose. Which kingdom will she rule. Etc.. So many questions :D

I am just so excited :D This is such a special story. Have it all and it´s set in a different world. Full of trolls :P Yeap. trolls. Who would have guessed :P
If you haven´t read this series. You should definitly pick up the first book Switched. 

I have to rate this book 5 out of 6 stars :) 

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Have you read this book? What did you think :)


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