Thursday, July 14, 2011

Read a Thon - Conclusion

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

Well.. I am just not lucky when I enter things like this. I end up making plans and work.
So I didn´t get that much reading done. But I had a good time anyway :)

All in all I read:

Listened to a little over 60% of the Perfect Chemistry audiobook.
Story written by Simone Elkeles.

Read about 265 pages of Rogue, the second book in the Shifters series.
The serie written by Rachel Vincent.

My plan was actually to go to bed early today. But Rogue is just so good, I can´t put it away. So I will probably continue to read a little more. Before going to bed. Maybe everything, If I can´t put it down xD haha Missing a little more then 170 pages :) Wish me good luck :P

What did you get to read? Did you manage to fit your goals?
Or did you do all kind of other stuff, like me :P haha



  1. I haven't read anything from Rachel Vincent, but I really want too! I'm glad you are enjoying your books. I loved Perfect Chemistry and if you ever read Rules of Attraction, you wont regret it!


  2. Sorry I didn't drop by sooner I was just wrapped up in so many things for the past four days.

    It looks like you picked some good reads. I have no clue how you are listening to Perfect Chemistry on audio though. I tried and the male vocal actor is just too old sounding and was ruining Alex's amazing character for me. I love Perfect Chemistry if you can't tell lol.

  3. Kristina: If you wanna read something by Rachel Vincent you should really check out the Shifters series. I swallowed the first two books. Absolutely love them :D

    Alexa: No worries ;) I know all about having 100 things to do :P
    My secret is, I am listening to the Norwegian edition ;) So probably therefor. But must confess the Norwegian male voice is also kind of special :P haha