Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update: A-Z Challenge

I just found myself one more challenge :) A-Z Challenge. Sounds pretty good. Even though I guess I might not be able to complete it. But I will try anyway ;)

If you wanna join. Just click the badge and enter ;)
It´s kind of a challenge + giveaway :)

Some information from The Toughts of a Book Junky:

Welcome to the 2011 A-Z Reading Challenge...
Hosted by Me!

So... here's how its gonna work...

Read 26 books this year ( easy right )
One for each letter of the alphabet.

Here's how to enter:
Make a post with your list of 26 books and link it back here with Mr. Linky.
If you don't have a blog don't worry.. you can post your list on Facebook, Goodreads or where ever you can find... just link to where ever you posted your list!!

When I have your link you will automatically be entered to win 2 books of your choice.. yes thats 2
Any 2 books you want... under $25 each .. I'm not rich here people.

Plus for every book on my list I read there will be another giveaway...
Thats 26 giveaways that you are automatically entered for and all you have to do is particulate.

Pretty great huh. Read books, get free stuff.

Want another reason to join... I'll give you one.

Everyone who joins and sends me their address to my email will get a swag pack.. just for joining.
Signed and unsigned swag including!
Just send me your name and address, and in the subject bar: A-Z Reading Challenge

So what are you waiting for?
Join now!!!
Yes... It's International
And if you don't have your whole list complete just yet... It's OK... just fill it in as you go along!!
Any other questions, feel free to ask... I don't bite!

Well.. I am definitely in :) Are you.? Here are my list of book: so far :)

A Arrow

B By Midnight

C Crescendo

D Dark Flame

E Evermore

F Forgive my Fins

G Glass Houses

H Halo



K Knife

L Love you to death and High stakes

M Matched

N Need

O Out of Sight and Out of Mind

P Paranormalcy


R Rebel

S Spells

T Twilight


V Vampire Academy

W Wings



Thats what I got so far. But there will probably become some changes during the year. So you can follow my updated list




  1. Awesomeness! I don't think I'll be joining. I have waaay too many challenges!

  2. I know... There are just so many good challenges and so little time..

    Want to join a lot. But know that I won´t be able to complete them xD