Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review: By Midnight by Mia James

By Midnight - A Ravenwood Mystery
by Mia James

Read: January 2011
Language: English

The Story:
April Dunne moves with her family from Edinburgh to London. She begins in a new school called Ravenwood. Which is a special school for specially gifted youngones and young guys with rich parents, which have paid them selves off to get into the school. But when they arrive to the new city things start happening.. Killings and mysterious dialogues from people. Something is hidden for April. But what is so secret.With help from her new friend Caro and her old friend Fee.. They try to find out what is going on in Ravenwood. And how everything is connected.

My Opinion:
I so want to tell about the story.. But I will not do it. You guys really have to read this one :) It´s great :) I was stuck in the story from the beginning untill the end :P Awesome. It was just so mysterious.. You could guess true the whole book. But the theories were nevere discovered until way later on. So you just kept on reading :) That was great.

I will give this book a 5,5 out of 6.

The reason it will not get a 6. Is because it reminded me a little bit of Fallen written by Lauren Kate. And sometimes I got really anoyed. Because the main character didn´t pick up the clues as fast as me. That was annoying but kind of maybe a good thing. Because then you had to keep reading and find out when she would discover it :P

Though I got surprised. I think this is a becoming series. And there will be a following book. But don´t know. But I will find out. And then keep you guys udated ;) Because I am deifnetly reading the follower :)

Have you read this one. What did you think.? Please comment with a link for your review :) To get more opinions on the book.

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Other than that I can tell you guys that Mia James is the name of a couple who wrote the book together. Don´t got the real names here. But soon to come ;) Since it´s on my own computer :)



  1. News: The following book will be released in May 2011 :) I just found out :) And there will be 3 books in this series/triology :)

    And one more comment. Other then the book reminded me about Fallen. It also reminded a little bit about Twilight..
    But it doesn´t ruin the book. It´s great :)
    Easy read.

  2. Wow, I did not know there were supposed to be a second book so soon. Thanks for sharing. I will put that one on my reading list when it comes out.

  3. Your welcome :) I have also planned to order it as soon as it gets possible :P