Monday, January 3, 2011

Review: Divine by Mistake by P.C Cast

Divine by Mistake by P.C Cast

Read: December 2010
Language: Norwegian

This is the first book of a triology

The Story:
It´s about a teacher called Shannon which is out for a little drive. When she discovers an auction where she buys the most lovely vase. Driving home from the auction a huge storm comes a head. And the next thing she knows. She wakes up in a new world called Partholon.
Here she is seen on as the goddess Eponas incarnation and a higher priestess.
She is starting of in her new world by having to marry a man she doesn´t know and defeating evil dark creatures treading to kill everyone.
How is a simple 35 year old english teacher suppose to do that.
You have to read the book ;)

My Opinion:
This book is awesome. My favourit this year :) Or last year :P It would be.
It´s so great because its full of action and things happening. While there is this special funny side to everything. Since you can read Shannons thoughts to everything :)
I laught through the whole book. And I cried etc.
Great book you should read :) And even though I am not 35 I could still live/read myself as the main character :) which is important to me.

I will give this book 6 ou of 6 stars :) Without a doubt.

Soon I will review book number 2 :) Since I have already read it. But meanwhile you can
- Add it to your Goodreads

Or just comment if you also read the book. Please share a link :)
Or what so ever (if it has something to do with the book :P) :) What did you think?



  1. I've heard of this book. But I never thought it would be really good. :D Thanks for the review!

    Btw! I awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award:

  2. No.. I don´t like the english cover either.. But the book was great :) I got really surprised :) You should definetly check it out ;)

    And thanks a lot for the award :D