Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update: my poetry

Well I know.. I am not really an author or writter and never will become one. But I was just cleaning around on my computer when I found som poetry or what I can call it. Written by me. And I wanted to share it with you guys, to hear your honest opinion.
It´s written a long time ago only based on my feelings. Since I usually never writes..

Tre written in 2005:
Don´t wanna live.
Don´t wanna die.
What can I do,
I can´t make up my mind.
Just wanna Cry..!

Everythings wrong,
I keep messing things up.
Why am I like this.
Please make it STOP

In my head I think of you.
In my heart I love you.
In my room I sit all day,
Hope you´ll love me back one day..!

Two written in 2008:
What to do,
whitout you.
Live or Lie

Confused and Cry

Your on my mind,
messing me up.
My head wants you back,
but my heart stopped.

I am so confused.
Was it real or just a dream.

Love hurts,
and gives you pain.
Mess you up,
and makes you

Four written in 2009:
nr. 1.
So a like
So different

Inside – Outside

Silent game
Strong at will

So creative
So closed in

But still
Where is that special little thing?

nr. 2.
I felt I wasen´t good enough
I felt I wasen´t strong enough
I felt I was too young
To be the right one

I felt the two of us could fall in love
I felt the two of us could live as one
I felt the magic come
But suddenly it all was gone

I felt the two of us should live apart
I felt the two of us should make a start
I feel the world is waiting for us
To make us both strong and tough

nr 3.
You and me
We are like each other
But so different inside
We are made for each other
But with totally different attitude

We are both so young
But with different plans
We are both independent
But still we need more time

We need to evolve
And get more experience
We don´t have to rush
And settle all down

We have to make experiences
Cause the world is huge
We have to get out there
Cause time is still young

If we are lucky

We will meet someone
And settle it down
We may meet each other
Cause time made us strong

nr 4.
Love break
I need some time to figure myself out
I need some time to figure my strength out
I need some time to clear out my view
To find out if I really do
Love you

Have you ever written poetry or something else. When feeling sad or something?


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