Wednesday, February 6, 2013

TBR: February

It`s been very quite here lately.. Coz I have been working a lot.. and when I have had time to read, I have been focusing on norwegian books lately.. Since I mostly read english book the last couple of years..

But I am still reading English fantasy.. So there will be reviews one day in the future ;)

Right now I am reading: 

Forged by Greed, I started reading way back in December. But the book is on my tablet, which I rarely use + someone borrowed it from me..But hopefully I will finish this awesome book in February :)
Coz so far I am liking it..

I am also reading:

Key of Amatahns. I started reading in January. And so far I read 100 pages and liking it. So hoping to finish it this month :)

I will not put up to many goals this month. Coz I have a lot of norwegian books to read during february.. Coz I was at the library again :P So I need to read those..
And if I have more time..

I will try to read:

Beautiful Creatures. I soon to see in the cinema.. And I need to check it out :)
Everyone is saying it`s such a good book.

I have to end: 

City of Bones. I wish I could just finish this audiobook.. I have heard about 50%. But unfortunately I am not very good at listening to audiobooks. So I just need to end this one. And hopefully read it in paperform or try again another time.. Coz the story does not stuck in my head :(
And everyone is loving this one.. So I need to read read it :)
I hate ending books without finishing.. But this book I will probably try another time, when times are better :)

Have you read any of these books? What did you think??

What will you be reading in February?

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