Friday, February 22, 2013

Renessance and arrows

Medieval renaissance custom flax linen dress "Archeress" with chemise and corset 

Look at this amazing picture..
Who didn`t wish it was them..
I totally wanna be this girl..

I want that awesome dress.
And I so wanna learn to shout with a bow and arrow. 
How bad ass wouldn`t that be :D 

Have you ever tried it?? 

The dress can be bought HERE.
And I need to save money.. No idea when I would be able to use it.
But I don`t care.. ME WANT 

I find renessance clothes so pretty and feminine :) 
Always wanted.. I have several dresses.. I can share more with you guys another day ;) 
Do you know of any goods shop? for clothes like this.
I would love tips.

For the bow.. Well I haven`t found the perfect one yet..
Thinking of just buy a cheap set to start of with.
And learn myself how to shoot :D

Do you think it`s possible??
Can you shot with a bow and arrow? Is it difficult??


  1. I bought one last summer. It felt so right, and I realized Ive wanted one all my life! Later discovered theres a field for shooting, with blinks ten minutes away w a car! My friend got inspired and got one too.

  2. Oh my gosh this is so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Herlig å drømme seg bort i blant :) SV:Vet du, det er faktisk kjempeenkelt! Jeg har en app på mobilen som heter FrameMagic og den er helt genial!! Anbefales :)