Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodreads Challenge

2012 is over :O And 2013 is already here.. Insane.. It went past like way to fast..
Anyway :) I barely made my Goodreads challenge this year. And next year time will be more tight.. Since I am planning to start study again.. + spend more time outside walking with my dog and in summer periode maybe do some camping :P

So my goals for Goodreads challenge 2013
Is only 25 fantasy books. To be realistic.. Hopefully loads more.. But here I will not be counting short stories.. Which I did in 2012.

So I have loads of books I really wanna read.. So hopefully I will come way over 25 books. Anyway..
Later on, in another blogpost I will show you my top 10 of books. I look forward to read in 2013 ;)
I will also later share with you my favourites of 2012.

First off to how my year went :)
All in all I finished 73 books. In all shapes and sizes, during 2012.
Yeap.. 46 of those books were Fantasy related :)
Pretty awesome.. :)
Though 9 of these were short stories and 7 graphic novels :)

So there for I think 25 is a realistic goal :)

I will also join some other challenges along the way.. But again. I will get back to them in another blogpost ;) so stay tuned :)

Hope you all had a happy New Year.. :)

How are your Goodreads challenge looking this year?