Monday, December 10, 2012

"Christmas vacation"

As the headline says.. I am going on a "Christmas break" more or less :P From blogging anyways..
Coz I will be so busy the rest of December month :( So don`t feel like I will get time to blog, unfortunatly. Coz I love blogging.. But I will be back ;)

I am not having a break break, for the rest of December. Because I still need to work.
But in my free time I have so much else I wanna do :P

First I am leaving for Denmark for 5 days :) Where I am going to visit friends and family. And I so look forward to some days in the city.. My best friend in Denmark. Is meeting me and joining my in going "home" (It`s not really going home, but I lived there for 10 years)
So we are going to have such a good time at the hotel and shopping etc.. And most important, visiting my family :) My little nephew is turning 2 years :) 
(Plus I so look forward to shopping :P I live in this small town where we only have a food store, a suvenir store and a sports shop..  So yay... Stores here I come :P) haha

Then when we are going home again. My little brother is coming with us, back to Norway.. Coz he is going to celebrate christmas and new years with us. Me and my dad :)
So I look forward to that.. Really miss him. So we will have so much fun.. The first week he is going to live at my place. And I prepeared for us, so much.
We should bake chrismas cookies, fix a christmas tree etc.. and all kinds of cozy stuff.
Then in the Christmas days I got free from work, and we are heading for my dads place..
Where we are going to just be lazy.. Eat candy, watch TV, Play Play Station etc :)

But I will not fail you guys totally..

In December you will get:
- vlog of books I got in November
- This years wrap up post, how did I manage my goals and what did I think of this reading year.
- Reading goals for 2013, what will I be reading in the new year ;)

So you will still see me a little bit before the new year..

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas :)

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