Thursday, August 11, 2011

Update: Audiobooks

What do you guys think about audiobooks? Does it count as reading a book?

I have never liked audiobooks before. Because I can´t focus on things when I only hear them. But I decided to give it one more try. :)
So I have started to listen to them. When I am 100% relaxed and can focus.
And now I just started my second audiobook. Which I listen to when I am out walking. Kind of smart reading and training at once :P

Even though I still think it´s difficult to focus to only listen. I am going to give it more tries :) And hopefully enjoy it. If I can find some good once. :)

Got anyone to suggest?? :P Since the most important thing is for the reader to have a comfortable voice.

So what do you think? Do you enjoy audiobooks? or don´t you like them?
Do you listen to them or not? And why??? :)


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  1. Eg har og strevd med lydbøker, men har funnet fleire som fenger. Kathryn Stocketts "Barnepiken" begynte som lydbok bl.a., men dei bøkene du bør høyre på engelsk lydbok er Harry Potter-bøkene. Stephen Fry er herleg å høyre på, og ein gløymer at det er kun han som snakker:-)