Monday, August 22, 2011

Review: Woodland Fantasy by Becca Dale

Woodland Fantasy by Becca Dale

About the Book:
This is an Ebook on only about 13 pages. Which I got for free on All Romance Ebooks.
An adult book, with sex involved. Not for people under 18 years.

Read: June 2011
Language: English

Summary: (From Goodreads)
Trapped in an abusive marriage, a woman escapes into the woods to find peace and happens upon her erotic salvation in the guise of a handsome forest dweller.

My opinion:
I have to admit this was not a book for me. So I only gave it 1 out of 6 stars.

I didn´t feel like there were a real story in the book. No real beginning, prestory, real middel or ending. . Okay that sounded evil, but it´s not like that. It just lacked a bit of "keep on reading entusiasme."
It´s about a person who left her house and cheated on her husband, and then went back home again. 13 pages, done into 1 sentence :)

The think who really confused me, was the point that it was suppose to be a paranormal related book, or so I thought. But I didn´t really feel like there were anything paranormal in it.
Other then the man says something about being a fairy king.
Which in my opinion came a little bit out of the air, and didn´t do anything to the story. Since that was it. It could just have been dropped.

But again how much can you let yourself think about 13 pages. I could imagine it´s incainly difficult to get everything into such few pages.

So my conclusion is, I am probably not a short story fan. Since I normally get disappointed.
But hoping to find a short story I will like one day :P hehe

Have you read this one? And what do you think of short stories? You like them???
Any suggestion of what I should read, to get over my fear for short stories.?



  1. Awwh! Too bad the book didn't have any real substance. -.- Short stories a great but you've been reading all the wrong ones. Oh and I did read something like this before. I didn't like it one bit and to the point where I couldn't finish it at all. -.- Sad I know.

  2. I know. Didn´t feel like finish this one eather.. But it was only 13 pages so :P I hang in there xD haha

    Who please share if you got some awesome short stories I should read :)

    Thanks for sharing your opinion :)