Sunday, May 15, 2011

In my mailbox

In my mailbox is a weekly meme by The Story Siren. Here you tell what kind of books you got lately. Recieved, Bought, Borrowed etc. They all count ;)

I got some new stuff.. But unfortunately I don´t got the time to make an videolog since I am leaving for Denmark to night. To visit my little brother who is turning 18 today :) YaY.. But he will always be my babybrother :P

But anyway. Back to the books.

These are the norwegian editions of
The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter
Rouge by Rachel Vincent

I also got:
The Scorpion Queen by Alexis Ke (ebook version from Goodreads - Thanks to Red Sage Publishing
The left hand of God by Paul Hoffman (norwegian edition on sale)Kobling

So thats what I got :) What did you get??
Looking forward to more mail :D I am :P



  1. T-T I didn't get anything last week. -.- And I won't post an IMM unless I get books in the mail. SIGH! I'm glad you got awesome books! I haven't started the Stray books yet but I can't wait. I'm stuck reading an E-book and its going to take awhile for me. -.-

  2. I look forward to read your review on Rouge .. I've heard amazing things about this series !!
    Happy reading ;à

  3. Thanks for stopping by my IMM.. guts crazy you have 200+ books yet to be read I would go insane LOL.
    I really want to read that stray series by Rachel Vincent I have heard so many great things and j love the cover of the book. BTW love your new header happy reading

  4. WHOA. Those are some gorgeous covers! And I love Gena Showalter. I'm in total like with Rachel Vincent's writing style, though I didn't like her Soul Screamers series all that much. But, Rouge looks sensational.

    Hey, have I mentioned that this layout looks absolutely wonderful? It really is. I'm lovin' the look.

    And thanks for stopping by for last week's IMM.

    Asher K.