Sunday, December 19, 2010

Update: New challenge

I just found myself a new reading challenge I have entered.
Click on the picture bellow to enter the challenge.

In this challenge I will be reading a lot of Young Adults book. Probably mostly fantasy. So I can post reviews in this blog. And all the books have to be more then 350 pages.
You can keep track on my reading and reviews

Are you joing this challenge??



  1. I think I'm going to join it .. it seems cool =)

  2. Yeah.. I think I really have to pull myself together and read a lot of books next year. With all the Challenges I have entered.
    This year I only read about 25 books. Next year I am hoping for about 75-100 :O So I think I am going to be busy :P

  3. So many good challenges for next year! I wish I could just read all day and not work, then I'd be able to participate in them all:)

  4. Haha yeah.. That could be awesome :P
    I have already entered to many xD Don´t know if I can be able to read that much.. But I am really ready to try it out :)