Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Which great series do you know about.? Which are in the Fantasy category :)
Here are some of the once I watched. :)

If you click on the titel, the link will get you to imdb, a homepage for movies and series :)
Where you can read about the series, the actors etc.

Do you know about some more series :) You would like to shear :)
So please comment with an titel and maybe a link to imdb or something :)

Have you watched any of these :) What do you think..?

There will maybe come more information about the series later on, when I get the time :)



  1. I've heard of all except Vampire High and I can't remember other supernatural/paranormal series. :D

  2. I have watched Vampire High on youtube..
    Though it´s a bit old fashion. On not on them same stadium as the others. :P

  3. I have to say Supernatural is the best. I watch it with a friend every week. She records it. Not to mention once the season comes out on dvd she buys it and we have to re-watch it.
    I have season 1 of trueblood but thats as much as i watched on it.
    Vampire Diaries I only watched the first few epsiodes.
    Heroes I have the first season and I've watched the 2nd. havent seen the third.
    Ghost whisperer I watch occasionally.
    Being human and Vampire High never heard of.

  4. Yeah.. Supernatural is awesome :) I got the 2 first seasons :) And are suppose to buy all of them :P Watch it everytime I am with one of my frinds, because she is obsessed with the series :P

    Vampire Diaries I have watched all episodes :)

    Heroes I have only watched season 1 and some of season 2.

    Ghost Whisperer I got the first season on DVD. But have watched alot of the episodes on TV.

    Being Human and Vampire High I have only watced a few episodes online :)

  5. I've just started watching Supernatural and haven't seen very many yet but love the ones I have. I'm looking forward to getting caught up on them:)

  6. You really got something to look forward to :)
    Dean is just so cute in the series xD haha