Thursday, May 16, 2013

13 things in 2013

In the beginning of the year I got inspired by Nina, from Nina Reed.
And I made my own list of stuff I want to accomplish during this year :)
Though I am pretty late about posting it her on the blog. So there are som changes on the way.. Which you can read about in the different sections :) I made the main list in January, as a new year goal :D


1. Walking / Camping vacation
I haven't been on a camping trip for ages and I miss it. I always wanted to be an outdoor person. A real nature geek. :p so this summer I want to play nature geek.
Talked to a friend about an upcoming trip.
We will walk all the way to our cabinn in the woods. Which is a walk up and down on more then 26 km. So we will bring a tent and sleep a night or two in the woods on our way :)
Will be the perfect trip for our dogs. Them will absolutly love, running around.
Then when we reach our old cabinn, which is in the middle of a wood, with no water or electricty. Just like in the old days :p
We will stay there a day or two. Just relaxing. Reading, fishing etc...
Totally chillen. :p

2. New York, BEA
This is in my head all the time. I am so excited about going to USA. It's just unbelivable I am going. Which I know I will. Coz flight ticket and "hotel" is already booked :) and BEA (Book Expo America) ticket is already bought. :D YaY
Can't believe it. I was going to travel alone, but now my best friend will join me. And I am so thankfull. It will make it much much better. We already planned a lot we need to see and do.
But more about that later on the blog ;)

3. Afrika again
One of my biggest thing this year was that I was going to South Africa again. And everything was planned. But unfortunatly lately I had to cancel :( makes me so so sad :(
The course I was going to attend got cancelled and I made a decision to stay home and rattet go another time, when I can afford to be there for a longer time. Since I was going to volunteer at Knysna Elephant Park. And I feel I need at least one month for that.
Though I am still dreaming and If I find out I can afford a little trip at one point I will not hesitate to go :p
I love Africa and I so miss being down there :(
And hopefully in a couple of years I have saved enough to volunteer at Knysna.
Coz working with elephants is my biggest dream ever :D

4. Start studying again Hopefully, It`s now it`s happening. I applyed for starting school again this summer.
I applyed for a study called Ecology and Natur ressaurces. Which is a bachelor degree, on 3 years.
Which sounds super interesting. I miss going to school and learn new things.
So hope to get into this :D
Specially since I already quite my job and stopped the contract of my appartment :P haha
My normal plans, since I was a kid, has always been to study Zoology/Biology on the University.
But I am missing one lesson to have what it takes + I can`t really afford to move to one of the big cities.
So therefor I chose the Ecology and Nature study. Sounds like they have some of the same things going on :P
Anyways.. Cross your fingers everyone.. I wanna go to school xD


5. Draw a drawing, and be happy about it
I loved drawing before and I miss it. Though normally I end up ditching the drawing, cause I am not happy about it. Last time I was really happy about a drawing, is the drawing above. I made it back in 2008. So that`s quite awhile ago :P
Or I actually drew one thing after the "princess drawing". My drawing of how I wanted my tattoo to look like. But that is pretty much it. And therefor I need to draw more. So I can practice and get better. Most of all cause I want one more tattoo. And I wanna design it myself :P

6. Make Scrapbook picture from my Africa trip
I own an insane amount of Scrapbooking stuff. And I never get to use it :(
So one of my goals are to make a collage/picture from my Africa trip. Which I can put in a frame and hang on the wall :D
Coz I have so much cool pictures, brochures, postcards etc. from the trip.
Just laying around waiting for me to get creative again.
So many good memories :D
What better way to show it off ;)

7. Pearl a picture
I am not sure pearl is the right english word. But you know the once you use as a kid to make pictures. By putting them on plates, forming pictures. No idee if you know what I am blabbering about. But I`ll continue anyways ;)
I have this set bought in a Hobby store. Where you print out a picture and then you make it out of pearls. Really cool. But still haven`t tried it and I got it back in 2011, as a christmas gift. So probably time to check it out :D

8. Adopt an Elephant
Last year I found this page were you can donate and help small orphan elephants.
And I love elephants. And wish I could help them all. Unfortunatly I can`t :(
But one of my goals this year is to adopt 1 or 2 elephants in that "park".
Since they do such a good job watching out for them :)
I got to know about it from a DVD I bought in Africa, called Elephant Diaries.

9. Learn how to shoot with bow and arrow 
haha Yes...  This one was quite spontanius :P But I saw THE DRESS, the other day. Killer dress I need to own. And the model was standing with a bow and arrow.
And I thought at once. I wanna be here :P I need to learn how to shoot with it, coz that would be totally bad ass :P
So hopefully it`s possible to learn yourself.
First off I need to buy a set. Which is not cheap :/ by the way.. But I will do it.. When I can afford and have the time :P

10. Clean and sort out my boxes
OMG... I got so much stuff.. After several times of moving I have boxes I haven`t even unpacked. Some boxes even from I was a teenage girl, who couldn`t fit the things in my little room.
So now is the time to sort out everything and sell or giveaway the stuff I no longer need.
And hopefully digg out some old treasures, I have been missing :P

11. Bake cupcakes or macaraones
haha I am seriously not a kitchen person. And Halleluja for living with a cook :P It`s perfect.
But what most people doesn`t know, is I have always been dreaming about being the perfect housewife. Cleaning, cooking, gardening, sewing, reading, baking etc.. The whole packet.
So during 2013 I will dry baking.. And belive it or not.. But this goal I actually already completed :P
Coz I baked my first Macarones in February I think it was.. And they were OK.
Or some of theme.. Some of theme I just had to throw out. and nothing went as planned. But I did it ;) and hopefully practice makes me better. So probably try it later again. When I have up built my stamina for it :P hihi

12. Finish my stitching
When my sister got pregnant. I decided to start a embroidery, for my nephew. A picture of a baby and his name and birth date. Unfortunatly, now 2,5 years later. I still haven`t finished it :/
So I really wanna finish it. So I can get started om something new xD haha
I love stitching. It`s so relaxing. But unfortunatly I don`t really sit down and take my them when I should. Hopefully that will change ;)

13. Start jogging
My normal nr. 13 was to start taking my driving license. But in newer time I found out I will start that in 2014. Therefor I changed it. I will start jogging. I have a little dog who loves running. And I am not the training type of person. But I found a great schedule in a magazine. 16 weeks for training how to become a runner. You start out walking 6 min and jogging 1 min etc..
Sound like something I would be able to. So I will try it. For my dog :)
So I can start running with here one day and hopefully get a better health :)


I got so much I wanna do this year.. And now after 5 months gone already.. I can say.. That it`s just now possible to make it all.. So that`s why I made these 13 things. Which is still a realistic goal :)
And next year there will be new goals ;)

Do you have any big dreams/goals this year?
Have any of them come true yet?