Sunday, April 28, 2013

Review: Anya`s Ghost

I just got this book recommended by a good friend of mine :) Therefor I just had to borrow it from her, right away. And I started reading it, once I got home. And finished it the morning after :P
This is a graphic novel on about 220 pages, written in english.
Published in 2011. This is the russian author Vera Brosgol`s debut book :)
She has also worked with illustrating some stuff for Nickelodeon etc..
This book was really easy read. Full of humour, even though it is a ghost story, you will laugh yourself through the story :P 

In the story we meet the main character which is a russian girl, named Anya. She moved to America with her family. She is struggeling with fitting in to school and with all the general teenage troubles, in life. On top of it all, she meets a ghost, which connects with her. The ghost starts helping her with her daily life, with school, friends, boys etc. But what happens when Anya find out the truth about her ghost friend.

This is such a nice illustrated book, with an interesting story.
So I chose to give it 5 out of 6 stars


That`s because I really like the drawings and the story really got me reading on, and on..
Though the reason it didn`t get 6 stars is: When it finally got like "a spooky ghost story" it was kind og over before it even got to start. And that kind of dissapointed me :( Coz it was all building up to that moment and bang.. it was ending..
But I enjoyed it anyways :) Though the whole introduction was very long, compared to the middle and ending. Should have been more equal. :)
But all in all.. That`s just a little detaile :P
The book has a very good meaning to it. Be proud of who you are.. 

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Have you read this book? What did you think??
You know of anything familiar, I should check out.. Pls let me know :D



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