Sunday, May 19, 2013

My travelling plans for 2013

I always have dreams and plans.. But not everything come true.. If all the trips I wanted to came true.. I would be away all the time xD haha
But these are the travelling plans. I already decided on this year :)

Earlier this year I have already been on two Denmark trips.
- Copenhagen, 3 nights (with the DFDS boat Oslo- Copenhagen + 1 night at Clarion Collection Hotel Neptun )
- Odense, 4 nights (at Hotel Windsor)

The big trip is now in May, where I am finally going to USA. Going to visit BEA in New York. Which is so insanely cool.. New York is what you see in the TV, and little me are going there :P
- New York, 9 nights (at Bibi`s Garden Bed & Breakfast)

Bibi`s Garden Bed & Breakfast (borrowed from homepage)

Then only few days after coming home from there. I am planning a new trip. Which is not final yet. But as good as final. Since my boyfriend works as chef on boat, I think I will visit him.
So in June, I might take a trip to Spitsbergen again.
Hopefully I will have better luck this time. I where there for 3 nights, last year. But then something went wrong with the boat, so we were stuck in Longyearbyen, while they fixed the problem..
So I can`t wait to get on the "cruise" trips and see some more of Spitsbergen.
- Spitsbergen, 3-4 nights (with Polargirl)

Polargirl, Longyearbyen,Spitsbergen - May 2012

In June I might go for a walking trip here in my home country, Norway.
My plan is to walk from home and to our cabin. :) Which is about 25 km or so..
And I am not the most fit person. So thinking of bringing a tent and make it a sleep over in the woods :) If I will not do this trip in June, I will probably do it in August or September..

Our own, cabinn in the woods :p ,Norway - March, 2013

In July I am thinking of going 14 days to Denmark again, Odense.
And yes your thinking.. Why so offten.. Well I lived there for 10 years :P So I got my family and friends there ;)
But I will try to share with you some tips for if your ever going there ;)

Oslo, 17 april 2013

In September I will go to Oslo again. To attend the book festival. But still haven`t decided if I will stay there.. Maybe just take it as a 1 day trip, like I did last year. :)

I don`t really have other trips planned.. And as you can see I am kinda fully booked.. In August I will start my studies.. And therefor have less money to travel for..
But I will never stop dreaming of travelling :P

And I hope I will be able to share some of my trips + dreams with you guys in the future :D

Do you have any awsome travelling plans this year??