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Review: A Witch in Winter by Ruth Warburton

A Witch in Winter by Ruth Warburton 

About the Book:
A Witch in Winter is the first book in a triology, written by the debut author Ruth Warburton.
This book was published in the beginning og January 2012. And the sequel A Witch in Love is being published in July 2012. While the third and last book A Witch Alone, don´t have a date set yet, bit will probably first be released in 2013.

ISBN13: 9781444904697
368 pages

Read: February 2012
Language: English

Summary: (from Goodreads)
Anna Winterson doesn't know she's a witch and would probably mock you for believing in magic, but after moving to the small town of Winter with her father, she learns more than she ever wanted to about power. When Anna meets Seth, she is smitten, but when she enchants him to love her, she unwittingly amplifies a deadly conflict between two witch clans and splits her own heart in two. She wants to love Seth, to let him love her – but if it is her magic that's controlling his passion, then she is as monstrous as the witch clan who are trying to use her amazing powers for their own gain.

The Story:
You follow the main character Anna, who moves with her dad from London, till a small city called Winter. They move into this big house in the middle of the forest, also known as the witches house. 
Anna misses the big city but finds herself surrounded with new friends, very fast. And falls in love with the hottest guy at school, unfortunately for her, he has a girlfriend.
One day she and her dad stumbles upon a big book in the old fireplace. Which she decides to take a closer look at when her dad is out of town.
But the book has spells in it, she soon finds out she regrets she ever lay her eyes on.
And things become weird with her, schools cutest guy Seth and her friends. Everything suddenly changes. Can she turn things back again.

My Opinion:
I really liked this book. Though not much happened in the beginning. I never lost my interest in this book. I chose to give it 5 out of 6 stars.

Because you fall in love with the characters and the story is told in a kind of a realistic way.
It´s really well written and you can totally follow Anna´s feelings and thoughts.
Which is what I really liked about this book :D
And I really look forward to reading the next book, to find out of what will happen next :)

And I just need to say it. WOW this cover is awesome :D I really like it :)
The best part of the book was definitely the romance part :) 

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Have you read this book? What did you think of it :D Or do you have plans on reading this one :)


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  1. I have to agree that I love the cover of this one and everyone seems to be creating some very positive buzz about it. I think I might have to add this one to my wish list, especially since you liked it so much.

    Thanks for the great review!