Sunday, February 5, 2012

January Round up

January month was a great month for me. Felt like I didn´t read that much, since I was working a lot.
But ended up reading 6 books :O
Which is totally awesome :) Since people have borrowed my books. I won´t make a vlog.
But here are the books I read:
The one which is not pictuered is a Swedish book called Cirkeln. :)

4,5 out of 6 stars
5 out of 6 stars
You can check out my reviews of these books: 

The other books will only be reviewed on my Norwegian bookblog, but you can check out what I thought about them on my Goodreads page :)

6 out of 6 stars

5 out of 6 stars
My Favourite book: 

Switched by Amanda Hocking 

2 out of 6 stars

Book I am looking forward to in February:

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them :)
And how was your January month?

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  1. 6 books is a great number!:) I really liked The Statistical Probabilty of Love at First Sight,too. It was such a sweet read. I still want to read A Touch Mortal. I planned to read it for my 2011 DAC Challenge, but never got to it.

    Here is my mailbox if you want to have a look