Monday, January 2, 2012

Round up 2011

Year 2011 is over. And it was my best reading year ever, so far :) And I am super excited about year 2012. I have a feeling that will be an even better year :D 

But I want to show you all some stats for my reading year of 2011 in total :D

In total I read about 59 books, and over 17300 pages.
And two of the books where audiobooks, so I listened to 18 hours and 33 mins aswell :)  

Fantasy: 45 books
Non-Fantasy: 14 books

Norwegian: 16 books
Danish: 5 books
English: 38 books

Stars given: 
6 stars: 12 books
5 stars: 22 books
4,5 stars: 5 books
4 stars: 13 books
3,5 stars: 1 book
3 stars: 3 books
2 stars: 3 books

Hardback: 18 books
Paperback: 31 books
Ebook: 8 books
Audiobook: 2 books

Favourite book: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Worst book: Evermore by Alyson Nóel

Best reading month: July and January
Worst reading month: August and December

My Challenges:
Off the shelf: 5 out of 30 books read (not completed)
Horror and Urban Fantasy: 24 out of 24 books read (completed)
Decent of the Angels: 2 out of 12 books read (not completed)
A-Z Challenge: 17 out of 26 books read (not completed)

So as you can see my reading challenges didn´t go aswell as I hoped. But I read more then twice as much as I done before. Therefor I am very happy about what I accomplished :D

This was how my reading year was. And hoping 2012 will become better :) 
How did your year go? Did you make your challenges?


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  1. Completely agree with your best and worst books. I really didn't enjoy Evermore either... and I became Hunger Games obsessed after reading the series!