Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reading goals for 2012

This year I have chosen not to enter a lot of challenges. Since my main goal is to read the books I already own. Since I got over 100 new books last year :O Which is totally crazy, since I only read about 40 of them or something.

So my goals this year is:

- To mainly read books I already own.
- To not buy books. Use no more than 200 NOK a month. That´s about 26 Euro a month.
- And I will donate an amount of money to a good Cause. (read more in the end of this blogpost)
- Review all the books I read. On the blog and on Goodreads

I will read 
- Listen to at least 5 audiobooks
- Read at lest  5 Ebooks

I will re-read/read
- The Twilight Saga (5-6 books)
- Black Dagger Brotherhood (8-9 books)
- Harry Potter (6-8 books)

To check out how my Goals are going during the year. You can follow it here

Helping a good cause 
I have deciced. Since I have to save money and not buy so many books.
I will use the money I would normally have spent on books, and instead donate them to a good cause.
I myself had cancer when I was a kid. And therefor I will donate them till the association who helped us.
There is a "local" association. Who helps families with kids who have had/ or have cancer. etc.

I know it´s not much. And I wish I could donate a lot more.
But to start with I will
- donate 30 NOK each book I read
- donate 10 NOK each book I buy this year

And If I get the opportunity I will maybe donate some books, or donate more money.
I have to see in the ending of the year how much I got :) Still in the thinking box :)
The updating on this will only be on my Norwegian book blog. Since It´s a Norwegian cause.
But I will recommend other people to do the same :)
Since there are a lot of people out there we can help. And even though it´s not much. If many people do it. It will turn out to be a lot ;)

What are your goals this year? Do you have any big plans?? Pls let me know :D


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  1. It is great that you want to try some audio books this year! I'm still having my Twilight challenge if you would like to join, there will be discussions, my reviews of all the books, and giveaways. (yes, shameless plug I know, so sorry) :)

    I also love that you are going to donate money to a good cause. Every so often I like to donate a fair amount of new books the the children's hospital. I really makes you feel great knowing you helped give to a great cause.