Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New hair style

I was going to ask you guys which hair colour I should choose to get.
Since I wanted something who looked a bit more fresh :P
Than my usually greyish hair xD

I had several colours before: brown, mahogny, black, light :) I tried it ;)
And I like both dark and light.. So it was difficult to choose.
I kind of wanted orange hair.. Which I think is super awesome.. But at the same time, my face us just to red. To have orange hair next to it :( Buhuu..

So I thought practical.. My hair was already a bit light, coz of the lightening spray I have been trying out lately.. And I don`t wanna colour my hair.. Coz it grows out extremly fast.. So I whould have to colour it again in 3 weeks or so.. So I decided on staying like I am and put in some light stripes.. Just to give it some life :P
And summer is on it`s way anyway.. And that will make it even lighter ;)
Wuhuu.. for the sun.. So it would kind of be wast of money, making it dark, right before the summer is coming..
I am happy with the result..
And already dreaming of what my next hair colour should be xD

What do you think?? 

Which colour should I pick next :P And nope.. I am not doing green ;)
Do you think I would be able to pull of orange hair :)


  1. I like the lighter hair, it adds more to your overall look. I'm no a fan of weird hair colors so I say just keep going with the light blonde. :)

  2. Forandring fryder (:

    ├śnsker deg en fortsatt fin kveld!