Saturday, November 5, 2011

Next weeks goals

Well. As you probably noticed I haven`t been blogging much lately. That´s because I have a full time job. And next to that I have been working extra shifts = Feel like I work every day..
But next week I am only going to work 2 days. There for I have put up some goals for myself. :)
Because I got to take a grip.

This I will try and get done before the end of next week:
- I will finish reading Deadly Cool
- Finish listen to Lost Voices
- Start and finish 1 ebook in a new series, I am entered for in a Blog Tour
- Make an IMM videolog
- Make an October update videolog
- Blog in general
- Write at least 7 reviews. 2 of them is for later use though. (and the reviews are for both my blogs. So hopefully I will get more then 7 done :)
- Make some changes in old blog post on both my blogs

And other then this I will try and make myself a schedule. So I can get something out of the days I am working as well. Because I have ended up being to lazy. And I need to do something about it.

Do you got any ideas, how to get out of a bad cirkle of lazines??? I need serious help... :)

What is your goals for the next week? And do you make goals for your self??


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  1. Lots of goals there my dear! I hope you get them done as soon as you can! <3