Friday, September 23, 2011

Update on reading challenges 2011

How is your reading challenges working out so far??

God I am dissapointed about myself.

This year I wanted to all in all read about 100 books. Which for me is extremly a lot of books.
And fortunatly looks like I gave myself an all to high a goal to accomplish. Since so far I have only read like 44 books. So if I am going to complete. It looks like I will have to read for the rest of the year xD Though I am very much happy with my reading. Since it´s a record for me so far :P

On Goodreads I challenged myself to read about 50 fantasy book.
So far I read like 32. And is about 8%, 4 books behind of schedual.
But still keeping the good mood up. And think I will manage this one :) Before the year is over :P I hope.. :D

Off the bookshelf
I started out with wanna read 50 books. But then I narrowed it down to 30.
But OMG. Talk about dissapointed. So far I have only read 5 books :(
God I suck :P haha
I will not manage this one this year. I have far to many new books I just have to read.
Thats the danger in visiting a lot of bookblogs. You always find new books you just have to have. But hopefully I will manage better in this challenge next year. Since my bookshelves are full now

Horror and Urban Fantasy
This challenge I rule :P Probably because most of the books I read is Fantasy or Paranormal :D
In this one I am suppose to read 24 books. And YaY me, so far I read 23. :)
Or actually 24. Because I read a norwegian one, who is only in Norway. But since the year is still long. That one doesn´t count on this page :P
And even though this one is as good as completed. I still have lots of fantasy books to read :D

The Angel challenge
I am doing really bad in. Last year I read a couple of angel book. Therefor I entered. But so far this year I have only gotten to read 2,5 angel books. Out of 12.
But there will probably be more comming. But not sure it will be this year. So this one I will not be able to complete unfortunatly.

So guys. That was my update :D
How is your challenges and goals going so far this year?
Think you will complete them all? With only 3 months left? :)

Please let me know :D

~ MoonStar~

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  1. I only signed up for one challenge and have been an epic failure at that one:( 44 books is a lot! You should be proud to have gotten through that many, I look forward to seeing how many you get done by year's end:)