Friday, June 8, 2012

I am back from Africa :D

Hey Guys..
I am back :) after 1 month in Africa. Wow.. time went to fast, felt like I was only away for 1 week.
But anyway I am back and need to get back to old life. Which is not so easy.
I will be back in the blogosphere soon. But have to take baby steps.
Because right now, just 5 min and I am tired of being online xD But don´t worry.
I´ll be back 100% before you even notice :P I think xD

Anyway my time in Africa was awesome. And I can´t wait to travel again. Wanna go back next year. :)

Some of the stuff you´ll see on the blog soon
- IMM:  Africa edition
- IMM: in general (from before and after the trip)
- What I have been reading in May
- What I will be reading this Summer

And ofcourse loads of new book reviews. And book tips ;)

And now to get into a little Africa mood. Some pictures from my trip :D

While I were in Africa, I:
- Captured buffaloes
- Petted grown up lions, since we putted collars on them (so they were unconscious)
- Petted elephants, meerkat, snakes, lion cups, cheetah etc..
- Zip-lined over waterfall
- been on horseback riding in the national park
- been on several game drives (safari trips) and seen a lot of amazing animals
- got to know loads of amazing people and learn about their life and culture :)

I can really recommend to travel as a volunteer :) You get so many new experiences.
And I will out of doubt do it again :P



  1. Velkommen tilbake!:) Ser ut som du har hatt en strålende tur, flotte bilder:)Ha en fin dag videre!:)

    1. Tusen takk :) Det hadde jeg.. Ha ein fin dag du og :)

  2. Amazing! I want to do that one day! I'm so glad you had fun! Glad you're back. Next time we should go together! It would be fun. <3