Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TBR for May

I haven´t left yet. But soon :) I am packing now. But before I leave I wanna show you guys my TBR list for May month. If I will even get time to read xD 
But since I am travelling I will be reading loads of Ebooks instead and these are on top of my list :D 

For review:

and I need to finish Vonnegut and Douglas Adams rewrite Brave New World and find The Future Perfect av Kirk Mustard, which is an ebook  I started a long time ago. But never got to finish. I am about 45% done with it. So hope to finish this one :) 

Other Ebooks
Here my bunch is so so insanly long. But I chose out the once that are on top of my list :P 
Mostly books where I follow the authors on Twitter, and gotten really excited to check out their books. And now I got the chance :) So hopefully I will get them read.

As you can see my list was not long. And could have been much longer. And I probably don´t have time. Since I am travelling to Africa and will be busy drawling over Elephants xD haha 
Have you read any of these? Or planning to?? What did you think??


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