Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reading Pile for April

I have a good bunch of books I wanna read in April.
Since I am leaving for Africa the whole month of May. 
I got 4 books for review. 2 of them in Norwegian and 2 in english.
One of them I have not gotten yet, so it is not mentioned.

The book in the middle on this book. Is a Norwegian book I read 31th of March.
And will not be reviewed on this blog, only my Norwegian.


Other then these books I already got 3 books I started. Which I hope to finish. But keep on dreaming.
Don`t think I will be able to finish all these books. But I can always hope :P  
Have you read any of these??
And what does your reading pile this month look like?? :)


  1. Jeg holder enda på med I am number four, har bare ikke klart å fullføre den enda. Catching fire er i hvertfall en bra bok! Den siste i dødslekene serien er også fantastisk.
    Har dessverre ikke lest noen av de andre :-)

  2. I'm reading the first book Delirium right now and it reminds me a lot of Matched by Ally Condie. I just don't like it that much but I'm holding out hope that the ending will bring about something amazing and that Pandemonium will be better. I believe you told me that on my blog that you liked Pandemonium more and that I should stick with the series so I'm hoping for great things.

    Good luck with your reading pile. I really loved Catching Fire. :)