Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update post for Goodreads Catch up Read-a-Thon

I have joined this read-a-thon. As I wrote yesterday.  Just to get my Goodreads challenge bar green. Instead of grey, when you are behind. 
So here are my plans for what to read the next days. Or I will try :P
And how much I get read everyday. I will update this everyday :)

My Reading Pile
Awake at Dawn by C.C Hunter
Legend by Marie Lu (audiobook, I was 25% done with)
Torn by Amanda Hocking
Blood Feud by Alyxandra Harvey

And i got an Ebook I have been reading for a while. I wanna get on going.
Vonnegut and Douglas Adams rewrite Brave New World and Find the Future Perfect by Kirk Mustard (I will just call it Vonnegut and Douglas rewrite)  (when started this week, i was 30% into the book)

And a book that is not included in my Goodreads challenge. Since it´s only Fantasy related books. But that I have to finish
Animals of Africa by Thomas B. Allen (when started I was 70% done with this one)

How my reading is going: 

Friday 24/2
Books: Awake at Dawn
Pages read: about 100 pages
Books finished: None

Saturday 25/2
Books: Awake at Dawn + Vonnegut and Douglas rewrite
Pages read: about 50 pages + 3%
Books finished: None

Sunday 26/2
Books: Awake at Dawn + Legend
Pages read: 130 pages + 12,5%
Books finished: None

Monday 27/2
Books: Awake at Dawn +Legend
Pages read: 110 pages + 5%
Books finished: YaY 1 book :D Awake at Dawn by C.C Hunter

Tuesday 28/2
Books: Blood Feud
Pages read: about 90 pages
Books finished: None. Had to work :(  And watched TV instead :/

Wednesday 29/2
Books: Blood Feud + Legend + Animals of Africa
Pages read: 70 pages + 62% + 25 pages
Books finished: 1 more :D Wee.. Legend by Marie Lu

Thursday 1/3
Books: Blood Feud + Animals of Africa
Pages read:
Books finished:
Have you joined in? And what will you be reading?
You can also join us on Twitter #OUACReadathon

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