Thursday, June 2, 2011

Update: Visiting Friends

Hey Guys..

About 5 months ago something hugh happened to me. I took the big decision to move back to my home country Norway. After living 10 years, half of my life, more or less. In Denmark.

And since all my friends and most of my family now lives there. I have to go visit them.
So I will be out my office (read that the blog :P) For maybe a week.
Wanted to schedule posts when I was gone. But just can´t get the mood and time for it right now.

So I got a fully booked week in front of me :) Both excited and scared about it. Scared I made to many planes, but at the same time. I wanna meet up with everyone :P Who can blame me :P

But anyway. I made a hugh decision. I am not bringing my computer. So I will not be able to blog from there. Therefor. Have a nice weekend. And I see you guys some time, next week. I will probably be back :)

And since I don´t got a computer with me on the long trip. I am planning to get some reading done :P Since last month. Was nothing to brag about xD

Have fun. And Happy reading to you all!!!


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